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The Vision For A.R.M. Groups

The vision for A.R.M. groups is to have in-person discussion groups around the world that act as extensions of our online ministry. We want to encourage believers to gather physically around God’s word and utilize our teachings to teach and train others with the goal of transformation in Jesus. The aim of these groups is to have deeper discussion around the message from each week in order to promote stronger faith, deeper understanding, and more fellowship in the body. 

The Reason For A.R.M. Groups

Scripture encourages us to gather with other believers, because God has sovereignly ordained to accomplish many things through community. We love that people listen to our teachings and are growing in Christ, but the end goal is not just more information. We desire to see people putting the word of God into action and physical church gatherings provide the opportunity to really live out the word of God in fellowship with other believers. Community is vital. ​

The Structure of A.R.M. Groups

While we don’t desire to be controlling, we would like to offer some helpful suggestions for your gatherings all around the world. First, be sure to check out our beliefs about the essential teachings of the faith right here. Make sure you align with our ministry on the primary doctrines. Some of you might have no idea how to start an A.R.M. discussion group, so we’d like to provide some helpful direction and ideas. There are several models you will want to consider as you prayerfully think through how to start an A.R.M. discussion group in your area. You can find these suggestions and recommended models below.

What courses do you offer? What curriculums do you recommend? Do you have any group studies? Absolutely we do! Rather than having tons of options, we figured we’d make it easy. Jason has done several different teaching series’ and they are all organized into “seasons.” We recommend starting with Season 1 or you can just start with the latest message in our current series. You can check out those group studies right here


*Disclaimer: Season 1 is the only teaching series that has a completed group curriculum, but as the months go by, more seasons will be added.*


Model 1: Watch the sermon together in your discussion group and discuss afterwards, or on a different day of the week. Watch together on one day, discuss another day, or watch and discuss on the same day! One last option is to have each individual watch the message on their own and then come together for discussion. Each message is around 60-90 min.


Model 2: Watch each sermon in “sessions.” We have broken down each message into smaller sessions that are about 25-30 min each. You can watch each session and discuss together in the same gathering, or have individuals watch each session on their own before group discussion. You can even have one day for watching and one day for discussion each week.

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