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Find An A.R.M. Discussion Group

We are currently in the beginning phase of getting discussion groups formed around the world. As groups are added, you’ll see them appear on the map below. "Active groups" are marked in blue while "potential groups" are marked in red.


We consider an "active group” to be at least 3 individuals that meet together. Potential groups refer to one or two individuals who are wanting to meet and form a group, with the goal of eventually becoming an official group that meets each week.


It’s recommended to view the map on a computer, if it isn’t loading properly on a mobile device. 


We will have the contact info for someone that represents each group. Feel free to email them if you're interested in joining their discussion group, whether its active or potential!


If you don’t see a group in your area and you’re interested in starting an A.R.M. discussion group for your city, or if you are already meeting with other believers and going through our material, and you’d like to add your group to the map, please email us at

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