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Your Support Is Impacting Lives

Italian Streets

Romale Tucker

"Iron sharpens Iron, with that being said this ministry has allowed me to be sharpened in the perfect Word of God."

Michelle Kappel

"This ministry keeps me grounded 🥰🌹✝️"

For Checks:

Please make check payable to "Jason Camacho" 

P.O. Box 509 Inman, SC 29349

[Please make sure check is NOT made out to "above reproach ministry"]


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I want to thank you for your generous support. Above Reproach Ministry is funded by generous donors like you that see the value in supporting what God is doing through this online ministry. 


I understand that not everyone can donate financially to this ministry, so I want you to understand that consistent prayer is one of the biggest ways you can support me. Nothing of value is accomplished here without the prayers of God’s people. Prayer is what powers this ministry. 


You might ask, “what does my money actually accomplish?” I’m glad you asked. Your generous donations allow me to create more content that teaches, trains, and transforms people all across the planet. 


You are funding the vision God has given me to reach the lost and build His church. Your generous support allows me to create everything that God has called me to create for the benefit of others. My goal is to create online curriculums, discipleship training videos, live bible studies, empowering podcasts, and write books that will impact countless lives by pointing them to Jesus.


Very practically, your support enables me to purchase the necessary equipment and devote the necessary time to reach more people with the gospel and train them up to know how to read the Bible, in order to live and teach the Bible for themselves. I’m able to devote myself full-time to this online ministry and support my wife and two kids because of how God is providing through people like you. I’m only able to equip leaders and train them up in Christ because of your support.


God has given me an incredible vision for what He desires to accomplish through my life, and I know He’ll provide what is needed to do so. Believe me, I’m only sharing part of the vision God has given me for His church. There are much more things God has placed on my heart, which will require the riches of Heaven, but I know He’ll come through. We are moving people towards Jesus for His glory, so thank you for joining me on this journey.

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