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Why We Do Online Church

Many people don't have a physical home church, and are in need of some kind of fellowship with other believers. Some people can't make it to church even if they wanted to. Other people love their local church but would love fellowship with other believers beyond the four walls of their physical church community. Then, there are others who would never step foot into a church building. Wherever you find yourself, we aim to be an online, global church community for anyone who is seeking to grow closer to Jesus or find out more about who Jesus is. Our online church family gathers online every day of the week all throughout each day. You're invited to join this loving community of Christians and get involved as much as you are able to and feel comfortable!

Our Church Culture Code


We boldly stand for the truth because truth is non-negotiable.  


We do what we can in faith that God will do the impossible through us. 


We empower leaders who advance God’s Kingdom since God’s work doesn’t stop at us. 


We aim to live pure, transparent, consistent, and honest lives in the sight of a holy God.


We refuse to do anything without prayer, because God’s presence changes everything. 


We give preference to others and esteem every person as being made in God’s image. 


Our main goal is to grow more into the image of Jesus together, and we won’t be stopped. 


We prioritize God’s glory, God’s word, and God’s Kingdom in everything we do.


 We are United in Sacrificial Service towards one another since God's love makes us one. 


We bring our best in everything because we are servants of a worthy God. 

Online Church Weekly Schedule

Timezone Is Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Monday: 10am Live Bible Study. 12pm Online Church

Tuesday: 12pm Online Church.

Wednesday: 10am Live Bible Q&A. 12pm Online Church

Thursday: 12pm Online Church. 

Friday: 12pm Online Church + Communion

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