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The Mission

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Above Reproach Ministry is an online ministry that exists to move people towards Jesus by creating content that teaches, trains and transforms people into the image of Christ. This is the mission statement of this ministry. 


Practically, this means I am teaching people how to read the Bible in order to live and teach the Bible themselves. You’ll find three things at the heart of every piece of content here: God, His word, and the gospel message of Jesus. These three things are essential to every piece of content that gets created here.


I function as a kind of digital missionary in the online space. When I look at the Great Commission in Matthew 28, I see a two-fold calling for Christians. We’re called to reach the lost with the gospel and train them up in Jesus to be faithful disciples. You’ll find evangelism and discipleship behind all of the content that gets created through this online ministry. 


I create videos, podcasts, live bible studies, discipleship training curriculums, I preach the word of God, and I write books. This is what God has called me to do full-time for His glory.


But, the goal is not to stay online. My vision is to have this online ministry translate into the real-world. What does this mean? It means my goal isn’t for people to stay online. I want to connect people to the local church, where they’re serving, loving and building God’s church on a local level. I want to strengthen the local churches, by doing my part to support the work God has called them to do. 


God has called me to reach the lost and build them up in Christ, but then I’d like to see these disciples get plugged into a local church where they serve with their God-given gifts. The work of God is multiplication, and that’s my ultimate vision here. This ministry is not an end in itself. Rather, my vision is to supplement the work that God is doing in the local church. 


This online ministry should NOT replace your local community with believers. I function as additional help. My prayer is that this digital ministry overflows into the local communities all across the planet. One of the main indications that God is moving in this ministry is that people are being impacted in a way that changes the practical, everyday life. 

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