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Start An A.R.M. Discussion Group

How do I start a group? Find at least two other people that love Jesus and want to study the Bible together. We consider an A.R.M. discussion group to be at least three people meeting together to discuss the Scriptures and grow in their faith.


What can we discuss and study? Is there a group study you recommend? Absolutely! Jason has done several different teaching series’ and they are all organized into “seasons” right here on the website or on the A.R.M. Youtube Channel. 


With each of these messages, there will be a list of Scriptures, personal reflection questions, and group questions to go deeper into the Bible.


We recommend starting with Season 1 or you can just start with the latest message in our current series. You can check out those group studies right here.


*Disclaimer: Season 1 is the only teaching series that has a completed group curriculum, but as the months go by, more seasons will be added.*


What should groups look like? While we don’t desire to be controlling, we would like to offer some helpful suggestions for your gatherings. There are several models you will want to consider as you prayerfully think through how to start an A.R.M. discussion group in your area. You can find these suggestions and recommended models below.


Model 1: Watch the sermon together in your discussion group and discuss afterwards, or on a different day of the week. Watch together on one day, discuss another day, or watch and discuss on the same day! One last option is to have each individual watch the message on their own and then come together for discussion. Each message on average is around 1-1.5 hours. 


Model 2: Watch each sermon in “sessions.” We have broken down each message into smaller sessions that are about 25-30 min each. You can watch each session and discuss together in the same gathering, or have individuals watch each session on their own before group discussion. You can even have one day for watching and one day for discussion each week.


What can we do besides discuss the Scriptures?

  • Prayer

  • Worship

  • Communion

  • Share a meal together

  • Share words of encouragement

  • Exercise your gifts and allow for God’s Spirit to move as He wills


When and where should we meet? Pick any place. If you can’t open your home, find a public place and let your group be a light in the world. Meet at a coffee shop, take turns hosting in each other’s homes, find a nearby park, or any other place God brings to mind. 

Do you agree with our theology on the PRIMARY doctrines? We ask that you look over our theological statement on the essential teachings of the faith to make sure that we are in agreement at least on those. You can view our ministry's statement right here

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