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Join Our Free Online Church

We have a free online church community that anyone can join on the discord app. Just download the discord app on your phone or computer and you're all set! Even if you've never used discord, we have some instructional videos to teach you how to navigate discord like a pro. We have all kinds of events throughout the week including prayer calls, bible studies, and specific gatherings for men and women. Hope to see you there!

Digital social media


My Youtube Channel is dedicated to providing faith training videos that are easy-to-follow and clear. As a teacher, my goal is to be as clear and helpful as possible. Whether we're unpacking a biblical passage or tackling a tough topic in the church, I pray that these videos will strengthen your faith and even provide you with what you've been praying for. Feel free to use these videos to lead Bible studies and teach others as well. These are free to use and my prayer is that what God teaches you would be multiplied in others through your life.

Image by Szabo Viktor


I understand many people enjoy listening to content, rather than watching, so I've made all of my teachings available in podcast format. You can find me across all podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Share these teachings and faith trainings with others so that more people can be equipped to live this Christian life. I pray these podcasts bless your life.

Image by Jonathan Velasquez

Our Second Podcast

We have a second podcast specifically for leaders and creators. Whether you're a parent, local church pastor, or online christian creator, this podcast addresses what it means to function as the global church in our local context. New episodes come out every Tuesday and address topics that relate to our leadership, community, content, and creativity as innovative image-bearers of God. 

At the Studio

Bible Study Courses

We have free bible study skills courses that will help you take your Bible study deeper, and they're designed to help you develop the necessary skills to get the most out of the Scripture. This is for those who are bored, confused, unmotivated, or even feel no connection with the Bible. Start these courses today at your own pace, and watch how your biblical understanding and excitement about the Scripture skyrockets.

Image by Nick Morrison

Devotional Studies

We've released a number of devotional studies for the book of Ephesians which function as a kind of commentary to assist you in your personal bible study. Each of these devotional studies traces a specific theme or keyword throughout the book of Ephesians, which will teach you some deep biblical truths. We hope to release this kind of digital content as we're able to.  

Image by Toa Heftiba

Bible Study Workshops

We've released a number of bible study workshops on Youtube where I demonstrate how to recognize and trace key themes in the Bible in real time. We'll also discover how to ask the right questions when we study the Scripture in order to arrive at the right answers. These live bible demos will help you to develop essential bible study skills. 

Pottery Workshop

All Of My Sermon Notes

These are the notes I used for every Youtube teaching series that I've done. Every one of my sermon outlines and notes are available at absolutely no cost because of generous supporters who make this free content possible. Consider partnering with us financially so that we can continue making all of these free resources available to anyone around the world

Notebook and Pen

Bible Study Worksheets

Sometimes it can be daunting to read a book of the Bible, especially when you've never read the book before. I hope to help you read the Bible more easily and more effectively with the help of these bible study worksheets. These worksheets list out the keywords you should pay attention to throughout that specific book of the Bible as well as any unique themes. We'll release one of these every month.

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