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40-Day Bible Study Course

Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Whether you're a beginner, or an advanced bible study student, this 40-day Bible Study course will help you learn how to read the Bible better. You'll be surprised what bible study skills you'll develop by the end of this course. What You'll Get In This Course: - A worksheet to develop a personalized bible study plan just for you - Helpful bible walkthrough videos demonstrating key skills - Opportunity to practice and apply what you learn through daily homework What You'll Learn In This Course: - Every reason WHY you should read the Bible - What to pray before you read the Bible - How to approach God's word properly - What the Bible is and three phases of Bible Study - How to observe the grammatical context of Scripture - How to observe the literary context of Scripture - How to interpret the meaning of biblical passages at the basic level - How to interpret the meaning of biblical passages in their literary context - How to apply Scripture properly in each literary genre

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