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Community Sessions Once A Week: 


When: Thursdays 9:30pm EST


Purpose: Encouragement, fellowship and training. 


Details: Open with prayer. Basics of the Faith. Practical leadership skills. Unpack one chapter of Fruitful the book and share thoughts. (Message Jason if you don't have a copy of Fruitful yet)


Small Group Sessions Once A Week:


When: TBD (Ask Your Small Group Leader)


Purpose: Meet with your small group for fellowship, prayer, and encouragement. 


Details: Opportunity to practice leading/co-leading a bible study, small group, and sharing your testimony with the gospel. Everyone will lead/co-lead a bible study or small group and share their testimony with the gospel at least twice during the 13 week training. 


Accountability Partners: 


When: Daily


What: Remind partners to read scripture. Send a word of encouragement. Prayer together if possible throughout the week. Share thoughts and grow in Godly friendship through God’s word.


Bible Reading Plan: 


When: Daily *Bible Plan Will Be Provided*


What: Daily Read A Section of Matthew or Mark

Community Training Agreement:


Accountability Partner List With Small Groups 


Small Group #1: Led By Hummel

Matt and David 

Lauren and Rene 


Small Group #2: Led By Grogu (John)

Angel and Kevin

Cass and Mary 


Small Group #3: Led By Jess Jackson

Paula and Maria

Kate, Liz and Kelly


Small Group #4: Led By Jason

Jeremy and Romale

James, Arryell and Ken 


  • I agree to meeting the expectations as best as I am able to. 


  • I agree that I will be faithful, responsible, and will do my best


  • I will prioritize this biblical leadership training as it is important to me


  • I will take my accountability relationship seriously and do my best to encourage them towards Jesus as much as possible


  • I will attend the weekly study together on Thursday to grow with God’s people. It will be a priority to me


  • I will attend the weekly gathering with my small group as best as I can. I will make it a priority to grow with this group 


  • I will make it a priority to grow with this group


  • I will respect the leadership here, including my small group leader


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